Things To Consider When Choosing Hospitality Uniforms

In the hospitality industry, uniforms are one of the first impressions customers have; thus a sleek well thought out hospitality uniform is an essential element for business. Having a crew in a uniform makes for a clean and polished look, and will communicate your service and instil confidence in your customers. So, whether you’re running an upscale cafe or a casual pub, uniforms are a vital part of your image. And if you want your image to be noticeable and impressive, then you need to consider these following elements when choosing a hospitality uniform:

A uniform should reflect the image of your business, match the overall atmosphere and be something your customers can relate to. So, when coming up with the ideas think of how your customers will dress when visiting and pick something within that level. Also, think about your restaurant itself, for example, cafe staff would have on something more casual than in comparison to staff that work in a fancy restaurant. For casual cafes, pubs and restaurants clothing such as chinos or khaki pants would be a smart choice. For places that a little more fancier, consider black pants such as work chinos or even dress pants (depending on how formal the restaurants is.)

While you want to choose something that is stylish and modern, it also needs to be functional. Therefore consider the specific tasks that your employees will be performing and what uniform would suit there role the best. For example, waiters need aprons with pockets to store pens, order notebooks, check covers and bottle openers. Along with that, think about your working environment and the situations your employees will be in, this includes weather, temperature (e.g kitchen staff) and dirty conditions. With that being said, choose a uniform that is light and breathable, so your employees can be comfortable during the workday.

Things To Consider When Choosing Hospitality Uniforms
Things To Consider When Choosing Hospitality Uniforms

Uniforms in the hospitality sector are put through some very busy service periods, which means regular washing and care will take place in order to remove stains, food and alcohol odours. Therefore when choosing a uniform, it’s important to choose something that is made with quality- such as natural fibre clothing. Natural fibres are less prone to sagging, pilling and fading in comparison to synthetic materials. They can also withstand every-day wear and laundering, without losing their freshness or appeal. Furthermore, choose a uniform that is stain and wrinkles assistant, so your crew can continue to look polished throughout the day.

Uniforms play an important role in your branding and marketing, as your logo will be present on the uniform and your employees will wear them daily. Therefore your employees are practically a walking advertising tool for your business. Furthermore, branding of your uniforms can enhance your brand awareness, and can quickly become the first thing people think of when they think of your business.

In the end, it’s important to take the time to find the kind of hospitality uniforms for your business; as it can impact employees productivity and consumers perception of your business. At ISHIRT we offer high-quality hospitality uniforms that can suit a range of hospitality businesses. So, if you want a uniform that is professional, stylish and comfortable then took a look at our range now!

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