Major Pop Art Themes in Suzi Nassif Paintings

Major Pop Art Themes in Suzi Nassif Paintings

Every artist chooses his or her themes carefully because artworks are aimed to convey powerful messages to the audience. Themes allow audience to understand and interpret the messages. Hence their value cannot be denied. Suzi Nassif has created impressive pop art paintings in past five years and her works unfold interesting themes through various pop art symbols. Let us explore themes in famous pop art by Suzi Nassif.

Fashion and Style:

Fashion is primary in many artworks of Suzi Nassif. She has made use of different symbols relevant to fashion industry in her works and these have allowed her to connect with her audience because everybody can relate to fashion. For example, her paintings have fashion icons such as Iris Apfel and Chanel. The great style of Iris Apfel is prevalent in the portrait entitled in her name. The portrait shows Apfel’s vibrant personality and Suzi’s appreciation of this fashion icon. Suzi Nassif has recently launched a style range of Kaftan’s or kimonos with her original art prints . Six major pieces were displayed in her launch event at Coya restaurant in Four Season’s Hotel this fall. She is gradually stepping into the world of fashion through her creative art and we are sure she will mesmerize and intrigue her fans with more pleasant surprises in future.


Suzi Nassif is a lively person at heart. Since art and music go hand in hand she has great reverence for musicians. Her paintings include portraits of amazing music artists such as Johnny Hallyday, Mina Mazzini and Asmahan. Amy Winehouse has touched her heart as well and she has painted a beautiful portrait of Winehouse too. The portraits featuring musicians and icons from the world of music give her a very different status among pop art artists in Dubai.


Major Pop Art Themes in Suzi Nassif Paintings
Major Pop Art Themes in Suzi Nassif Paintings

She was inspired by the great movie featuring the life of Freddy Murcery and she painted his portrait under the title of God Saves the Queen. She has painted a portrait featuring him. Every time an artist touches her heart she is driven to paint a portrait and make him eternal through her art. She has also painted many portraits of Marilyn Monroe as well as Sophia Loren. These two women have impressed Suzi with the diversity of their work. These two super stars had a different life but they were very brave women. They accepted every challenge and did not let their best selves be affected by hardships. Suzi Nassif has made them timeless through her art.

Suzi Nassif is a great artist with an observant eye. She has taken care of details in the portraits from these three industries where the pop art rules. She has featured different icons in her works to reveal her inspiration from their work. She believes in expressing emotions through surreal art and bring her ideas to life. As an artist she participates in all art activities in Dubai and the UAE. However, her activities are not just in the UAE, she is known internationally. All of her great works can be viewed on her website. The website has various categories for you to explore.

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