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Body Shaming And Perfect Body Ideologies

My art work revolves around female life specifically body shaming. Many artists from all over the world have worked on this topic but according to my opinion there are still some concepts that need to be highlighted.

A work of art is the trace of magnificent struggle. Mostly we have observed that women have been embroiled in a constant struggle as many believe that a woman should appear in a particular way or size, for example that a female figure must be of 36-24-36. Moreover the females who do not fit into this ideal image are often persecuted (ill-treated) by society since ages for their skin colour and body size. All the while countless attempts have been made to spread awareness about this topic but ultimately it comes to an end with the charge of horrific crimes.

Art has always been one of the most widely used medium for expressing the plight of women in India. Indian women artists in particular, have emphasized on the topic of gender – bias and discrimination in the form of paintings, sculptures and independence time till now most of the issues are still prevalent in today’s society.

In my art work I have addressed a female issue mainly related to body shaming and the perfect body ideologies which everyone thinks off. Also portrays everyday problems faced by them ranging from suffering and sorrows to joy and hope. Every woman has some special powers that can heal any kind of wounds. My artwork shows that she herself carries a baggage of emotional and mental scars caused by the society as they stare down continuously, consciously or unconsciously that is harder to detect and harder to notice, additionally all those remarks that every women has to go through since birth. For instance if a girl’s skin tone is bit darker, all those who appears to be her well-wishers often seem to suggest that you must start using some sort of cosmetics because no one will marry a girl who has a darker skin tone. So these kinds of stuffs often seems to lead down inner confidence and also make them realise that she is not worth of anything or she is not beautiful. So most often these kinds of hidden wounds remain invisible which actually may cause a huge impact on one’s life.

I have worked in many mediums but for this research I had mainly worked in photo transfer technique because I think with photo transfer technique I can project my thought process in a much better way. For photo transfer technique, i have projected myself in most of the artworks because personally I have gone through a lot since childhood I was a fat chubby kid due to which I have face negative remarks from the society that is the reason why I aim to detach the body and women from ‘cover girl’ perfection and the usual stereotypes and find the beauty of the person who lies beneath the skin and not judge outer appearance.

Body Shaming And Perfect Body Ideologies
Body Shaming And Perfect Body Ideologies

In today’s epoch everyone is programmed to tell each other we’re not fat, because for most of the masses fat is the worst thing you can ever be. The society of today’s scenario has turned fat into a synonym for ugly, but fat just means fat. Like when I say I am fat I happen to use this word as a self-descriptor. And I don’t say it to put myself down. And certainly don’t say it in hopes someone will say “oh no, you’re not fat” but most of the times people say in a manner so that they can put me down. Why it is about putting someone down or about given someone condolence oh no you are not, because no one says to a tall person. “You’re not tall.” Because tall is not a dirty word. I am 5-ft-6 so I call myself tall. I am not married so I call myself bachelor. I am overweight so I call myself fat. And I am beautiful and cute too so I call myself beautiful and I’m all of those things at once. I aim to detach the body and women from ‘cover girl’ perfection and the usual stereotypes and find the beauty of the person who lies beneath the skin, not the judged surface appearance. So my illustration mentions all the comments I have been gone through and how deeply they all had impacted me mentally. This installation is made of more than hundred wooden blocks and on each and every block I had used photo transfer technique which ultimately reflects different story of me and different verbal wound I used to get during my teens. I truly think that inside of an individual is much more complex and layered so I am presenting the internal beauty and complexity as a surface treatment.

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